LevelMaster P4 Rated Merbau Stair Treads (Kwila) Kiln Dried Step Treads are some of the best timber treads on the market.  Merbau (AKA Kwila, Ipil or Vesi) is a hardwood from South East Asia and PNG. It is a very hard wearing timber with natural resistance to termites and fire. Kwila is Kiln dried (Moisture content less than 15%) and has a durability rating of 1. This means it has a life expectancy of more than 20 years if maintained correctly.


SIZE: 250x50mm Nominal, 250x47mm Finished. These Merbau timber treads come in a standard length of 1200mm.



Kwila should be pre-drilled when using coach screws for secret fixing. Timber nosing can be fitted to the bottom front edge of treads to reduce the gap between treads. 



One coat of quality penetrating oil should be applied to all surfaces prior to their installation. Following installation, apply another 2 coats of the same quality oil.  Merbau stair treads are suitable for outside or inside, and their stylish look together with our stringers would make any house look spectacular.


These treads are the best quality but if you’re looking for some other type of timber treads have a look at our Ironbark Step Treads!

Merbau / Kwila Hardwood Stair Treads

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