Cast in house piles with height adjustable subfloor connection

LevelMaster improves the time and cost of levelling a house.


When the ground moves you need to go back in and adjust the levels otherwise you get cracks in your walls, and the doors jam.  LevelMaster connectors have an in built retainer nut providing a quick and inexpensive fix to that problem.  

Making them the perfect adjustable house pile leveling foundation repair solution, New Zealand wide.

House repiling or new piles.

Used on piled buildings LevelMaster is a patented product that is stronger, easier and faster than using traditional piles. The install speed and ease of adjustment also reduces total onsite labour.


We offer two kinds of connectors:

Weld on: Whilst uncommon some companies prefer the connector to be welded onto the top of the SHS stump. These connectors save a small amount of money and provide more uplift. LevelMaster do pre-fabricate house stumps including the weld on connectors.

Screw on: The more popular method is to tek screw the connector on. With no heat applied, the screw on connections do not disturb the galforce coating nor the strength rating. Engineers will specify the uplift requirements, each tek screw can render 10KN of uplift force.

Stronger, Easier and Faster.

LevelMaster Adjustable Piles
House simply re-leveled using large spanner and adjustable Levelmaster bearer bracket